If you have an automated report, it will be sent to you, your team, or your client on the scheduled delivery date via email. Customize the email style to give a better first impression. Follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Go to https://live.whatagraph.com/settings/customize-reports or to your initials on the top right corner of your Home Screen and select "Settings":

Step 2. Go to "E-mail style" and then "+ Create new email style".

Step 3. Customize your new theme. You can see the preview of the email on the right side whenever you apply any changes to the form.

Step 4. Once everything is customized the way you want the email to look, click "Create new email style" to save the theme.

You will then have this new theme listed under the "Custom email themes".

Step 5. You can either select "Save as Active for new reports",

...so then the theme will be applied automatically to any new report you create afterward; or you can also manually select the theme under the "Email theme" in the "Report settings" in the report's editing mode before automating it:

Once it's done, time to automate your report! 😊

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