Whatagraph allows you to change reporting layout and manipulate the grid so each report looks the best for the intended purpose.

Portrait vs Landscape mode

First step of your report creation is choosing the right layout. Portrait will work best for standard reports, that you want to export into .pdf format, however if you want to present your data on a screen - Landscape mode will give you much more space without the need to scroll down too much.

ℹ️ You can change the layout after the report is created, but it will rearrange the widgets to fit the new layout, so better to do it before adding all of your widgets.

Flexible grid

In Whatagraph you can change the size and position of your widgets to make sure that you fit as many or as few of them in the screen as you wish. Widgets react to the resizing by showing more or less data so the overall view does not get too cluttered.

Insert/Delete lines

It happens that you are done creating your report and only after everything is done you think of another great widget that should be added at the very top. For these cases we have a functionality that allows users to insert and delete lines anywhere in the report.

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