Step 1. Click on the Create report button on your home screen and choose to create from template, use smart builder, or build your report from scratch with a blank template/page.

Here are some videos that will show you the steps to build your report using either one of the options:

Step 2. To start working on your report, click Edit:

Step 3. You can change the automatically assigned sample data source for your report by clicking on the source section and then Change source:

If you haven't added your source(s) already, go to the "+" button and select "Connect new source" and please follow the steps instructed here.

Step 4. Go to Report settings if you would like to change the page orientation of the report or set your report's custom branding and colours:

Have in mind that you can also set the custom branding and colour theme on a global/account level, please follow the instructions here.

From the same menu, you can also set the email style you want if you plan to automate your reports later on, see this video.

Step 5. Change the report name to the top left side of the report.

Step 6. Start adding widgets. You can choose to use build your own or pre-made widgets. You also have the option to save a widget you build as a widget template. If you need to enter your data manually, use the offline data.

Step 7. If some widgets in the report are too big or too small, feel free to resize them. You can also insert or delete lines from the report this way.

For more information about report building, please see this video:

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