Whatagraph Public API provides the same reporting and monitoring functionality as the Whatagraph platform. You can use this service to push data to your Whatagraph account, rather than request Whatagraph to pull data from the existing integrations.

This opens possibilities to connect any website or other external data source to Whatagraph and visualize its data on demand.

Getting started

In order to start pushing your data to Whatagraph platform, you will need to generate an API key which will need to be integrated into your source code.

Step 1: Add Custom API source

  1. While in your homescreen, click on ‘Add a source’

  2. Select ‘Custom API sources’ as your integration

  3. Click on ‘+Add new Custom API sources’

  4. In the next step, name your source.

  5. Click on ‘Generate key’

  6. Copy the key and pass it to your developers.

Step 2: Integrating API key

Pass the API key to your development team, and follow the documentation here.

Step 3: Creating report with your Custom API source

Once you start pushing the data to Whatagraph, you can go ahead and start building your reports.

  1. Click on ‘Create a report’ in your homescreen

  2. At the top of your builder bar, select Custom API integration icon.

  3. Select a type of widget you would like to use, and drag and drop it to the report

  4. When you click on the widget, you will be able to edit it’s title, caption, assign date and select metric to be visualized.

  5. Available metrics list will depend on the data you are pushing through to the API.

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