How often do the reports update?
Currently the reports update automatically every 30 minutes, however the team is looking to shorten the time to 15 minutes.

Will I be charged extra for using this feature?
No, at the moment no extra charges will take place. We want to give you a chance to be the first ones trying this out.

How do I switch back to the regular reporting environment?
On the top left-hand side you will see a button called 'Reporting', by clicking the button you will take yourself back to the regular reporting environment. 

Can I see my reports and templates transferred from the regular reporting environment to Monitoring?
At the moment Live Reports is not a substitute for the main Whatagraph platform but is rather a real-time monitoring feature which runs separately. It is on the roadmap however to eventually have the same functionality that you are normally used to. 

Where are the missing pre-made widgets?
There are some pre-made widgets but there are more on the way. Currently all missing widgets can be created by you. Just bear with us and in very near future you will be able to use pre made widgets in the same manner that you are used to. 

Can Monitoring accommodate more than one integration in the same report?
You can create a cross-channel live report and have widgets attributed to any channel. Prior to building the widget in the top right-hand side corner select the channel you want to use.

Can my client access the Monitoring report without being a user on Whatagraph?
Most certainly, just share the report link with them. 

Can I test the Monitoring function without connecting a source?
Yes, if you select any source type on the right-hand side when building the widgets it will default the source to sample data. 

Where do I leave feedback?
Feel free to reach out to us in the live-chat. 

Can't find an answer to your questions?
Once again, drop us a message in the live-chat and we will help you out. 

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