Some of you might be wondering how is the Live Reports feature different and whether it carries any additional benefits for your line of business. In this short article I will try to explain when monitoring your data in real time can help you.

Tracking campaign performance in real-time:

When marketing campaigns are launched in most cases they are expected to have an expiry date, a budget and a handful of targets that are set. For a campaign to be efficient one might have to amend it in real time, especially when it is underperforming. Whatagraph's Live Reports functionality allows you to set those targets and monitor how well it is doing before the campaign finishes in order to establish whether it needs any changes or in a perfect scenario perhaps the targets were too pessimistic and need changing. You have full control over how you structure the goal widget and whether you choose it to report for one single media channel or multiple at once.

Working together with your team:

Here at Whatagraph we established that an ever growing need to analyse marketing performance data on the go needs to be addressed. We want to give our users the option to instantly analyse the numbers in great detail and add their comments on the reports. Additionally, your teammates, clients and anyone with the link to the report will be able to engage in the conversation and interpret the performance. This should add more flexibility and makes us a little different form a standard live reporting solution. 

Keep the report open at all times:

Do you have a huge tv in your meeting room? Do you have a spare monitor where you track your KPIs? Maybe you always keep one browser tab open for reports?
Full-screen option will transport the report onto your big screen. Load the most importance performance metric into one place and always have it updating in the background without having to worry about generating the report on a daily basis. The metrics will be retrieved from the API every 30 minutes.

Take action:

Live reports can help you think one step ahead. When building new marketing campaigns it becomes crucial to embrace your mistakes. Monitoring running ads can put the emphasis on what needs to be improved in the future. We do not offer any type of forecasting options as we believe they are rather inaccurate and there are a lot of different aspects to consider, starting from the industry that business operates in. Instead we recommend to review your current performance and make educated estimations of what steps to take next. 

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