We have received a couple of questions whether Whatagraph Live Reports feature can automatically replicate existing reports and act as a substitute. The short answer is, not yet. 

The team is currently working to gradually move the functionalities from the regular Whatagraph environment onto Live Reports. Initially the feature was developed hoping to help our users track their marketing performance in real-time yet we come to realise that more functionalities can be added. The idea is to eventually have a Live Report environment that can do it all from on demand reports to automation. Just stay patient and you will notice new functionalities rolling out shortly!

Your feedback is of crucial importance to us. As the feature is still in beta version we are looking to see how we can help you make a use of it. Anything in particular that you are missing or any aspects that would make it look nicer? Do not hesitate to drop us a message in the live chat and we promise to make a note of it!

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