The new monitoring reports functionality provides you with the ability to track the performance of various channels at once in real-time however this is not limited to a single channel, the same report can include a variety of different source. Additionally 'Goal Widget' can keep track of custom targets set for multiple channels whether it be a number of impression you are looking to achieve or making sure you don't exceed a certain budget.

1. Drag the 'Goal Widget' onto your report:

2. Click on the widget to bring up the set up menu on the right-hand side and here you will have the ability to edit existing goals, change source or add new ones:

3. Click on the three dots on any goal and you will have the option to change the source, which will the allow you to click on the metrics field and select the one you are looking to use for your goal widget:

Please see a detailed video on how multi-channel goal widgets function.

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