You may have noticed we've added a new feature – an Update report button that appears at the bottom of your report.  

Up until now, the refresh option was only available at widget-level, so the purpose of this new feature is to allow you to simultaneously update information in all your widgets.

When you connect any source to Whatagraph, we send a request to its API, which allows us to fetch data into your report. 

The time it takes for the API to respond doesn't depend on us. So to speed up the process we cache the data on our side and refresh it in certain intervals.

Another case is when the source itself has a delay in data collection. For example, the number of Sessions in Google Analytics for the same date range (eg. October 1-31) can differ on November 1 and November 2. This happens because the Google Analytics API hasn't finished calculating the data for the previous month. 

Meaning that if you sent your Whatagraph report to a client on November 1st, and they're viewing it on November 2, they will see a discrepancy in data that was not caused by us, but the 3rd party tool.

The Update report button is here to prevent this from happening. When you open a report and suspect that data may have changed since the last time you've viewed it, click the Update report button and it will refresh the data in all your widgets.

Note: Once the report was updated, the button will only reappear in 15 minutes. This is due to some integrations having an API request quota. Alternatively, you can refresh data at widget-level with no limitations, like shown in the screenshot below.

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