If you work at a large agency or an in-house marketing team, chances are you and your teammates are sharing a single log-in (such as hello@agency.com) to access your Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager account. 

Truth is, this poses some prominent dangers and makes your account extremely vulnerable for a potential take over. Apart from inconvenience, there are some more serious risks involved:

  • The account can be easily hacked as having many users associated with the same account will prevent you from effectively using two-factor authentication;

  • Your Ads account can be compromised, malicious accounts can run their own ads in the background and benefit from your budget without any suspicion from your side;

  • Password needs to be changed frequently if there's a high employee turnover, otherwise the non-disclosure agreement can be broken;

  • Connecting your Facebook Page to third-party sources like Whatagraph is dependant on a single person.

Here at Whatagraph, we strongly recommend to grant permissions to Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager through your own personal Facebook profile

As well as being a safer alternative, which would would minimize the risk of your account being hacked, it also proves to be a much more convenient way to manage your social profiles. 

Moreover, any team member who has access to the Facebook Business Manager account will be able to add Facebook pages as a sources to Whatagraph. This way, if you'll have a source error or the person who initially added the source no longer works for you, you will be able to solve the issue yourself.

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