If you received a message from Whatagraph asking you to verify connection to a data source, chances are that your API access token has stopped working. Some of the known reasons causing this are: 

  • Access token has expired due to security reasons.

  • One of the users has changed the password. 

Do not worry – this happens occasionally and can be easily fixed. 

Step 1. Make sure you are the member of the team who initially added the source and that you are logged into that account with the email that appears next to the error;

Step 2. Ensure that you are logged in in the same bowser into the integration you are trying to verify with the email that appears next to the source which contains the error;

Step 3. Go to your Account Access page and click on the three dots, then hit Verify account access next to the source.

If you have been unable to re-establish the connection, please contact us in the live chat and let us know which integration fails to connect.

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