If you received a message from Whatagraph asking you to verify connection to a data source, chances are that your access token has stopped working. Do not worry – this happens occasionally and can be easily fixed. 

First of all, let's make sure that the source you are trying to verify is an Instagram Business account. Regular Instagram account API has been removed at the end of 2018 so if you still had old Instagram sources connected, we highly recommend migrating them to business accounts.

However, if the access token stopped working for one of your Instagram Business sources, you will see an error like this: 

All Instagram Business accounts are linked to the Facebook Business Manager, which means their source issues originate from Facebook's side. Make sure your Facebook Page and Facebook Ads connection is verified before proceeding to Instagram Business.

Note: Don't try to fix this by deleting the Instagram Business source as it might cause the historical data to disappear!

Here is a detailed guide on how to re-verify your Instagram Business source:

Step 1. Go to the Account Access page and start by clicking the Verify account access button next to the Instagram Business integration.

If this doesn't solve the problem, proceed with step two.

Step 2. Go into https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools and make sure the access to the relevant Instagram accounts is granted. 

If new accounts have been added, it might have defaulted the access token and you might have to reactivate it.

Go back into Whatagraph, refresh the page and click the Verify account access button as shown in the first step.

If you have been unable to re-establish connection to the Instagram Business source, please get in touch and let us know where you got stuck. 

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