We heard many use case scenarios where users would like the ability to include or exclude a set of various campaigns from their reports. This is now possible for our integrations that include campaign filtering, namely Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Firstly, the widget settings must be set to report on a campaign level as can be seen bellow: 

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

The user will see two options: selecting the set of campaigns manually from a dropdown menu or alternatively applying a filter that might simplify the selection process. 

Note: Please bear in mind that the two options cannot be combined. Let's say if one was to exclude a set of campaigns with the filter then one cannot go ahead and add the campaigns manually. 

As it stands, the rules for the string filter are:

  • Contains

  • Excludes

With the string filter applied, your report will include campaigns with the set keyword both prospectively and retrospectively.

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