With our new CSV/Excel file import, you should be able to add any CSV, XLS or XLXS file to Whatagraph. Here are some guidelines to help you format your files for easy import:

  1. File size should be no larger than 2MB.

  2. Ideally, your file should have at least one dimension. Dimensions are detected automatically, and you can add several of them when building a table widget out of your data file.

3. Your file should also have metrics, which are also automatically recognized when importing the file:

Both dimension and metric names can be edited when you import the file to Whatagraph.

4. For single day files, it is recommended to have a date in your file name, eg. google-analytics-2019-01-01. It comes in handy when importing several single day files at once, because later it is much easier to recognize them among your other data sources.

If you run into troubles when importing CSV/Excel files, reach out to the support via chat button and share the file you are trying to ads. 

Also please see a video guide with multiple use-case scenarios:

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