Did you think of a metric that you cannot find on our platform or perhaps you are working with very specific formulas that you would like to see implemented? Well, look no further! This article will help you master our custom metric functionality. 

Firstly, this feature is currently only available for the most popular integrations: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Page Insights, Facebook Ads and Instagram Business. 

Step 1. The first step to creating a custom metric is selecting the widget type you want your calculations to be reflected on.

Step 2. Once the widget type is selected, click on it to bring up the Settings menu on the right-hand side. Scroll down to the Metrics section and click on the Build custom metric button.

Step 3. Now you are presented with an interface that gives you the ability to have both numeric and metric number inputs. Metrics are marked in green whereas numeric input appears on a white background. 

Clicking on the metrics option will allow you to bring a dropdown menu where all data points pulled from the API will be presented, all you have to do now is select one.

Feel free to select either of the symbols within your formula: 

Your final custom metric can look similar to the following (remember, this is just an example).

Step 4. Once the formula is ready, you have the ability to rename it, select the type and choose whether the increase should be reflected as a positive or a negative factor. Then simply click Save. 

Note: If you are reporting on rates and selected the number to be reflected as a percentage, you do not need to use x100 within the formula. 

Step 5. Now click on the metric field itself, scroll all the way to the top to bring up a folder called Custom metrics and click on it to bring up the formulas you have saved here.

Select the custom metric you need and click Update widget.

Step 6. See your custom metric in action!

If you happen to be a person who likes to watch a video instead of following these detailed steps, I won't be mad.

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