Sometimes showcasing independent source data isn't enough to get a full picture of your performance. For that, we've developed the Combined data (multi-source) widget. 

It allows you to blend data across multiple sources, multiple accounts, multiple campaigns, and so on, and showcase totals in your reports (currently available for single value, list, and funnel widgets).

Here's how it works:

1. In your report, go to Studio widget builder.

2. Select Combined data (multi-source) widget.

3. Add the Title and Description of your own choosing.

4. Click the Build custom metric button.

5. In the new window, start combining your data:
    a) Choose the sources or type in your own numeric values;
    b) Specify which metrics and dimensions you would like to blend.

Note: When blending data between sources, make sure you select metrics that correlate with one another. Remember you can blend however many sources you like.

You can perform these mathematical calculations: add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Use brackets ( ) to determine the order of calculations, eg. (5 + 3) × 2 = 16. 

Don't forget to name your custom metric, select the type of value (number, decimal number, percentage or currency) and set whether the increase is Positive or Negative.

6. Now that you're done building your custom metric, select it from the Metrics menu and click Update widget

The custom metrics you build are editable and available in your metric library.

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