On April 30, 2019, Facebook Ads API has removed a long list of metrics from its user interface. The change was due to a rising amount of complaints from marketers claiming these metrics are outdated, redundant, non-insightful and not suited for “actionable insights on creative, audience and optimization strategies, according to Facebook.

The following list outlines all the Facebook ads-related metrics that are effectively gone from Whatagraph. Please consider removing or replacing these metrics in your reports.

Facebook metric name | Whatagraph metric name -> Replacement

offsite_conversion | Total Conversions -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.add_to_cart | Adds to Cart -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.checkout | Checkouts -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.key_page_view | Key Page Views -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.lead | Leads -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.other | Other Website Conversions -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.registration | Registrations -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion | Conversion value -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.add_to_cart | Adds to Cart Value -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.checkout | Checkouts Value -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.key_page_view | Key Page Views Value -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.lead | Leads Value -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.other | Other Website Conversions Value -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.registration | Registrations Value -> No replacement 

offline_conversion.purchase | Cost per offline purchase -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_search | Cost per website search -> Total spent/Searches 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_payment_info | Cost per website payment info add -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_to_cart | Cost per website add to basket -> Total spent/Adds to Wishlist 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_add_to_wishlist | Cost per website add to wishlist -> Total spent/Adds to Wishlist 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_initiate_checkout | Cost per website checkout initiated -> Total spent/Initiates Checkout 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_view_content | Cost per website content views -> Total spent/View Content 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_lead | Cost per website lead -> Total spent/Pixel Leads

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_complete_registration | Cost per completed website registration -> Total spent/Completed Registration 

onsite_conversion.purchase | Cost per On-Facebook purchase -> No replacement 

spend/offsite_conversion | Cost per conversion (WG custom) -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion/landing_page_view * 100 | Conversion rate by landing page views (WG custom) -> No replacement 

offsite_conversion.fb_pixel_purchase | Cost per website purchase -> Total spent/Website Purchases 

We have also introduced some new metrics into our system that will be helpful following the Facebook Ads API change:

  • Cost per 15 second view 

  • Cost per 2 sec continuous view 

  • Cost per thruplay 

  • Instant experience open clicks 

  • Instant experience start clicks 

  • Instant experience outbound clicks 

  • Social spend 

  • Unique link clicks CTR 

  • Video 15 sec watched actions 

  • Video continuous 2 sec watched actions 

  • Video play actions 

  • Video thruplay watched actions

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