The white-label settings can now be set on three different levels:  

  1. Global team level

  2. Client folder level

  3. Report level

Confusing? Let me clear some things up for you. 

Firstly, sorting the global white-label settings will assure that from that point onwards any NEW client folders will inherit those settings automatically. Please bear in mind that any old client folders that had their settings changed at some point will not inherit the global theme and you will have to turn them on for each folder by going into its settings and clicking 'Re-set to Global settings' otherwise they will stay as they were. 

On the other hand, old folders that were still set to default and never had their settings changed will also pick up the global white label automatically. Please see the following videos on where to find these settings:

Global level

Client folder level

Report level

It is important to remember that changing the global setting will not transform all of your reports to have that type of white-label instead any new folders that are created will inherit this setting and if you wanted to change the white-label of older folders that were set up previously there is a button in the settings that will allow you to do exactly that. 

Lastly, white-label on a report level will overwrite any global theme and if you would like to have different header/footer/email designs for each report this is most likely the best place to set them up. 

Just remember if you want all of your reports to look the same or consistent it would be a good idea to take advantage of the global settings however if you are looking to have different branding across various client folders it might still make sense to set up your white-label on a folder level.  

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