Are you experiencing issues with Facebook and Instagram source verification because one of your colleagues has left the team who added them in the first place?

 If one of the emails that your account was using previously to verify the sources has changed, I am afraid there is no easy way around it. Facebook is rather strict in terms of authorisation of the sources and the way how they grant access permissions. If you are having problems with IG account associated with one of these pages do not delete the Instagram accounts.

Your account access window shows up like this:

If the email that shows up is no longer valid that means the regular verification process will not work. You should proceed to follow the instructions: 

  • Firstly the Facebook pages (FB Ads also) with the outdated email have to be deleted under ‘Manage Sources’ at Do not worry you should not lose any historical data;

  • If the system says ‘will be removed in 7 days’ do notify us in the live chat and one of our team members will speed this process up;

  • Once they have been deleted proceed with adding the Facebook accounts onto Whatagraph from the new/alternative email that is valid and has admin rights to the pages to Whatagraph, you might need to go into to make sure that you have granted access to all of your Facebook or IG pages here as well;

  • Once your Facebook sources have been added if you are also looking to verify the Instagram sources sources as well go into one of the client folders and try to add an Instagram source from the new Facebook account. Wen you try to add them our system will show a similar view to this screenshot;

  • When you try adding them please notify us in the live chat and one of our team members will be able to transfer the IG access to the new profile. Once the development team gets back to you with a confirmation it is a matter of going into and clicking ‘Verify’ while logged in with the new FB email. 

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