When you need to get a report for one data source but different date ranges, you can do that by duplicating your source and switching to a multi-calendar mode. 

In the example below we want to show a comparison of total visitors to our website during the last year, as well as during the past month.

1. Click on 'change source':

2. Click on 'Make a copy':

3. Switch to a multi-calendar view.

Now each of your data sources (and their copies) have their own calendars, just next to the displayed source. 

4. Select the required reporting date ranges for the original source and a different one for the copied source. The name of the first copied source will end with (2). 

5. Now it's time to add widgets to your report. First, select your original source by clicking on it. You will be dropped back to the report builder. 

Find the widget you need and drag it to the report. You can rename the title to reflect your different date range, as shown in the example here:

6. Now, click on 'change source' again, and this time select your copied source in the next step. You will be dropped back to report builder, only now the active report source will be your copy. 

Similarly to before, find your widget and add it to the report. 

You can always change date ranges for both widget by clicking on 'change source', or by clicking on the calendar at the top of your screen. 

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