Old Instagram API will be removed by the end of 2018, and we are moving your data to the new Instagram Business Integration. This will ensure that all historical data that you have built up will be safe in the new reports.

Follow the below steps to complete the process.

  1.  Add Instagram Business to your Whatagraph account. This will need to be done for every client that has Instagram as a source.

2. Open all of the reports that are using old Instagram connection, one by one. Then, go to source settings and click on the source menu to select 'Migrate to Instagram Business':

This action will pull data from Instagram Business to your reports, so historical data will be transferred and visible in your updated reports. 

See below how to migrate data from the new Instagram Business to your current reports:

This will need to be done for all of the reports that have Instagram included as a source.

if you have any questions, or need help - let us know! 

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