If your YouTube Ads are managed on Google Ads, you can connect them to Whatagraph via Google Ads integration.

1. Connect Google Ads to your account

Click on 'Add a source' in your home screen, select Google Ads and follow the rest of the steps for verification. 

2. Generate your first YouTube Ads report

There are several ways to get your first video ads report.

🔸Use a pre-made template. This will pull out your video ads KPIs automatically. You can also edit it later.

🔸Build your own report. 

  1. Start with blank template.

  2. Connect Google Ads in the next step.

  3. Use search in widget library to find video related metrics.

  4. Or, use Studio to build own video ad performance widgets (see next).

🔸Use Studio to build own widget and filter data for your video ads.

  1. Drag and drop selected studio graph to the report.

  2. Click on it to open the editor.

  3. Add title and subtitle.

  4. Under Report Type, change it to Campaign performance.

  5. If you want to get data for all of the video campaigns combined, select 'Video' under 'Advertising channel type'. (Leave 'Filter by' empty)

  6. If you want to get data for one specific YouTube Ads campaign, select 'Campaign' under 'Filter by', and add your campaign under Campaign: + Add New

  7. Under Metrics, select a metric from the API list available. (Use search to find it faster.) Add an icon applicableble.

  8. Update widget. 

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