When you are building widgets for your Google Analytics reports, you will notice a field to enter filters in widget settings:

This feature is great for filtering out data in report that you want to see, or, on the contrary, want to leave out.

Filters are useful for more advanced Google Analytics users, but if you are just starting, the formula here is quite easy to replicate. Check out the examples below!


1. ga:deviceCategory!=mobile

Use this filter to exclude mobile traffic from your data. If you type "==" instead of "!=", you will see data exclusively for mobile traffic.

2. ga:pageviews>=10

Use this filter to apply weighted sorting - it will only show pages with more than 10 pageviews.

3. ga:channelGrouping==Social;ga:socialNetwork!=Pinterest

Use this filter to exclude traffic from Pinterest, or any other social network. You could also do a similar filter to show just the traffic from one specific social channel, eg Facebook.

For more information on creating and connecting GA filters, check out this link here

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