1. Connect your account

Get your API Key

In order to connect your SEMrush account to Whatagraph, you first need to get your API Key. This will be found directly in your SEMrush account. Here’s how to get it:

🔸 Login to your SEMrush account.

🔸 Go to the API Units page.

🔸 Copy your API key:

In the Friendly name field, write the name you want to give to your source. This is how your source will be called in our system. Enter the API key you got from SEMrush in the other field.

Click Next.


2. Generate your first SEMrush report

🔸 Use a pre-made template. To avoid unplanned charges, only empty SEMrush template is available for creating your reports.

Note: In order to have access to SEMrush API, you need to have a Business Plan with SEMrush. In addition, SEMrush requires you to have API units available in order to call their API; you will be charged API units anytime Whatagraph fetches your SEMrush data.

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