When you automate your report, it essentially passes three stages: collecting (a.k.a data gathering), review, and ready for sending. All of these stages are conveniently reflected on your report status.

1. Collecting

When your report is in the collecting stage, it means it is gathering the data from your data sources. In this stage, you can still edit the stats and automation settings by hovering over the report and clicking on the three dots in the right-hand corner.

2. Review

Your report enters the review mode 24 hours before its scheduled delivery and remains flagged for review until the beginning of a new cycle. Unreviewed reports will not be sent.

In this stage, you can approve the report for delivery by reviewing it and adding additional comments if you wish. When you click on the Review/Comment button, it will take you to view mode where the comments can be added and edited. Once you are done, click the Done Commenting button.

3. Ready for sending

After you are done reviewing your report, you will be taken to your home screen where you’ll see the report status has changed to “ready for sending.” The delivery time will depend on the frequency you have set up or you can opt our to send right away.

You will still be able to make changes to your report until it is marked as sent. Once the report is sent, it enters the automation cycle once again starting at the data gathering stage.

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